Live Paediatric Spinal Fusion To Correct Scoliosis

UPDATE!!!!! The surgery has now taken place - to download the footage click on 

On September 8, 2006 from Akron Children’s Hospital, Akron, Ohia, USA you will be able to watch a spinal fusion to correct Scoliosis. The link will enable you to see a preview of this surgery (it is quite graphic so not for the faint hearted). A one-hour live Webcast will show William Schrader, M.D., and Patrick Riley, M.D., surgically correcting a scoliosis spinal deformity. The doctors will provide live commentary and educational information during the Webcast.

This is a fantastic opportunity for those that have had this surgery, and for people awaiting the surgery.

Archived Webcasts that present surgical procedures for Scoliosis

Below are links to several live webcasts of different types of surgical procedures to correct Scoliosis that OR-Live.Com have kindly let me use links for, I hope you will find these useful!

News and Information
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