Hi my names Bethan and i'm nearly 21.

As a child I was into everything as all kids are, but I started complaining with back pain at the age of about 8.my mum took me back and forth to see our local doctor, he said it was growing pains, even though I leant to the side and hunched when I stood and walked!! he gave me silly little exercises to do. as the years went on the pain got worse and I kept going back to my doctor but he insisted there was nothing wrong, 10 years on, at the age of 18 and nothing had been done, until a new doctor came to our surgery, my mother took me to him and without question he sent me for an x-ray.

12 years on and I am under a specialist, I have had x-rays and mri scans, sure enough I have been diagnosed with scoliosis after 12 years, as well as 2 slipped discs.

The pain I have been through has been immense, I never thought as a child, teenager and young woman I would be faced with problems like these. my self confidence in my appearance has been the biggest issue as I feel everyone can see the hunch I have and the twist.

My spine has two curves which makes it the shape of an S! it gives me severe chest pains and back pain, I also have bad hips and suffer with sciatica.

I have now been referred to see a spinal surgeon and am hoping he will help me feel normal again, because for the last 12 years I have felt anything but this.

I wanted to tell people that if they have any concerns whatsoever about themselves or their children to go and get it checked out, push for x-rays and tests, you have the right to know what's going on inside your body, I guess my doctor felt different and have suffered for it for half my life.

Take care of yourselves xx

Bethan x 

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