My name is Debbie and I am 31 years old, I had a spinal fusion at Freemans Hospital Newcastle when I was eleven years old and then I had my rods removed a few years later.  I spent 6 weeks in hospital and 3 of those on a stryker bed whereby I could not move but was rotated with a large metal turning handle.  My mum believes I was a guinea pig at that time and was not happy with the outcome of my back......but its not stopped me having 3 children, a career and being extremely vain (as my dad says).  I think the vain part came as part of the embarrassment of my back.  I think I thought if my face and clothes were perfect then no one would notice the hump on my back.  My friends tell me as do new friends that until I make them aware they cannot tell the hump so it probably isnt as bad as i thought whilst growing up.


A year ago my brothers daughter also had the operation at 11 years old, so my family are of the opinion that it somehow runs in family's.

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