Natalie's Story In August 1993 I was diagnosed with having Scoliosis. At only 13 years of age I was very scared! I was referred to the local hospital by my GP for X-rays and was told that my curve was 23 degrees more
Natalie S's Story Heya I had scoliosis but recently had surgery in March it was discovered in me when I was 7. I had surgery when I was 14 and im now 15 and back to normal. I was only in hospital for 6 more
Debbie's Story My name is Debbie and I am 31 years old, I had a spinal fusion at Freemans Hospital Newcastle when I was eleven years old and then I had my rods removed a few years later. I spent 6 weeks in more
Bethan's Story Hi my names Bethan and i'm nearly 21. As a child I was into everything as all kids are, but I started complaining with back pain at the age of about mum took me back and forth to see our local doctor, he said it was growing pains more
Stacey's Story One day I had just come home from school, when I told my mom that my back was hurting me. My mom had a look and said that she noticed a lump, so she phoned the doctors. They told her to bring me up straight away. When the doctor...... read more

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